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Portugal Air Summit- “What professionals does the future hold?”

The panel “What professionals does the future hold?” is going to take place on October 13th in the Portugal Air Summit, from 15h30 to 16h00. The panel discussion will be held in portuguese and is composed by the moderator Mara Caeiro (Partner of QSR) and the speakers Filipa Lourenço (Omnidea), Garcia Rogério (Instituto Superior Técnico) and Ricardo Mesquita (Nova School of Business and Economics). The discussion will be about the skilling process of the professionals that will be the future of the sector. The speakers of this panel will also present some innovative works that support the development and skilling of the next generations of professionals aligned with the industry necessities.

Do you want to attend to this interesting discussion? Register now at and don´t miss the opportunity to be a part of this big event!


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