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We help clients improve their performance and become more competitive by aligning the organization, culture and people competencies and performance with the business strategy.

In a fast-paced global business environment, high-performance organizations are agile, have competent leaderships, and people engaged with their culture and strategy.

Our consultants work with leaders to help organizations thrive and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage across complex processes such as reorganizations, merger and acquisitions, geographic expansions or technological transformations, by developing solutions to execute the strategy and achieve the business goals.

With a flexible and pragmatic approach, our experienced professionals help organizations on:

▪  Strategy alignment
▪  Organization design
▪  Organizational culture
▪  Competency modelling
▪  Succession planning
▪  Workforce planning
▪  Employee engagement
▪  Performance management

We work on complex processes such as, reorganizations, merger and acquisitions, geographic expansions and technological transformations



"Having had management positions in Portuguese Aeronautics Industry, I'm pleased to enjoy, since 2003, the cooperation of Dr. Carlos Maio in Human Resources. About this collaboration, I should praise its accuracy, dedication and sense of responsibility. His professionalism and seriousness makes it a very pleasant and useful experience, so thanks Dr. Carlos and best wishes."

Salvado Henriques

High qualified Aerospace consultant

Through our Innovation center, we cooperate with universities and industry partners on Research & development of high-performance working practices, Human capital trends, Industry studies and International projects pursuing the best solutions for our clients.

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