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who we are

who we are

QSR is a strategy consulting firm developing high-end solutions within human capital, and specialized in industries with high technological intensity including Aerospace & Defense, Maritime and Energy.

We work with leaders to help organizations thrive and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by aligning the employees with the organization culture and strategy.

Founder's Message

We have a star and it's a joy to work day after day and keep it glittering. By polishing, cutting the edges and moving away the clouds, we ensure the path is bright and enlightened.

Our mission is simple: create the coincidence of having the right person in the right place at the right time. Sometimes, it's already there. We set the clocks and develop that person so that the time and the context are an ally of the whole organization.
Thera are thousands of conversations, the miles and hours to align the stars with whom we work with. We connect people.

We roll up our sleeves and do not look the best, we look for the unique. We are specialists seeking the specials. We know about recruitment and selection and how to develop and train people. We know about clauses and laws. We know about figures and ratios. We know what we do, but we know more. We know the first names and the family names. For us, being professional is human being. We devote attention to people.

To those who want to join the expedition, we understand where they want to go and if there is no way there, we'll make one.

To those who helped us to take the first steps, we now firmly hold our hands and climb, assuring not to let anyone down.
We do not arrive alone to the mountain top or to the stars
We know the value of a thank you.


general contacts


+351 211 359 758

Rua Barão Sabrosa, nº 217  

1900-090 Lisboa, Portugal

Instituto Pedro Nunes

Edif. C, sala 1.09

Rua Pedro Nunes - Quinta da Nora

3030-199 Coimbra, Portugal




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