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QSR at the event EIT Manufacturing @ INESC TEC iiLab


The event EIT Manufacturing @ INESC TEC iiLab took place on October 13 th at INESC TEC iiLab facilities with an online transmission. The main idea of the event was to show the different demonstrators implemented in the last two years of participation of the INESC TEC in EIT Manufacturing Projects. Our presence was very important to keep the connection to the EIT Manufacturing and to assist the various presentations . One of them was made by Javier González (Education Developer in the EIT Manufacturing) about an online learning platform (Skills.move) and in what way it can contribute to the formation of individuals with the right competences in the future. There were two more presentations and a series of demonstrations. We are really glad to participate in this type of events and we hope to continue having more opportunities like this one!😉


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